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Lost Pets

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NEVER, pay reward money until your pet is safely returned to you.

If you have lost a pet or have found one, please email the details to us and include a picture if possible and we will post it here.
If we can be of any service, please don't hesitate to contact us.




Lost  April 11, 2012

Name: Patches

Our Dog, PATCHES, went missing yesterday afternoon, Wednesday, April 11, 2012. He was last seen at Dixie Road and Howden Area in Brampton, Ontario.

Patches is Male, 8 years old, neutered, Lhasa Apso x Shih Tzu breed. He has white and tan markings on his fur, with long, curly tail and droopy ears. He was not wearing a tag but microchipped. If you have any information of our dog, please contact me at 905-494-1292. Thank you so much




  Friday March 21, 2012

Shadow has been found and is Back Home



Lost  August 30, 2011

Name: Roscoe

Hello, my beloved male Boston terrier named Roscoe was lost on Tuesday, August 30, 2011 in the Don Valley and Beechwood area of Toronto ON.

He is 11 months old and was wearing a purple collar. He has a black dot on the top of his head. He is really scared of big dogs. He is not neutered.

Please if anyone knows anything about his whereabouts please call Jot @ 416-508-6836 or 416-319-1423




Lost July 6, 2011

Name: Penny

Missing Since: Wednesday July 6 @ 7:00am

Missing From: Lyndhurst, Ontario

Other Information: Long hair. Part Lab with cloudy eyes. White chest. Black old dog with brown hair on bum. Lost in Wilson’s Campground during a thunderstorm. She is 14 years old. She may still be wearing a faded pink collar with a Toronto Dog Tag.

PLEASE CALL LEVI 613.246.4626 or 613.924.6364

or PLEASE CALL MAUREEN 416.220.3247 or 416.762.2233


Lost July 13, 2011

We lost a black Yorkie/Maltese yesterday evening by the name of Murphy. He is one year old and was lost in Campbellville Ontario on second Line between 10th and 15th Sideroad. A picture will be sent shortly, and my contact information is:
Craig Stevenson

w) 905.854.7058

c) 647.215.8292


"Dukie" fawn and white 2 yr old boxer (adopted from BRQ) went missing on Meredith Rd. in Chelsea Park area of Chelsea, Qc at 3pm on Wednesday June 22nd. Dukie is very friendly and loves kids and dogs.
$800 REWARD no questions asked. Please call Lorraine 613-323-2346 or 819-455-9668 (office) or email

Copper has been found and is Back Home

Updated Jun 20/11. Posted Jun 16, 2011


He was last seen in Grand Valley area on Tuesday, april 12th. He answers to "Ozzie". He is wearing a black electronic collar. Please call doug at 519-831-0710
If You have seen him.


Contact: Paws with heart

Lost June 5, 2011

Harrison is an 11 year old White with Light Apricote Ears
Lost Dog in Oshawa, ON, Canada

Harrison is a breeder rescue and very timid, he no longer has any teeth and cannot defend himself. Although I have had him for 4 years he really only trusts me and not other family members. Harrison likes to roll in unpleasant things and may not look white at all. If you see him please call me 416-407-5449 and just let me know where you saw him! If you approach he will run!

Sheldon has been found and is Back Home

Updated Jun 23/11.

Found after 29 days